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"Specializing in Candy Cakes & Diaper Cakes!"


Our definition of a candy cake is: A custom made creation covered in beautifully wrapped candies or snacks of your choice. They may also include flowers, faux jewels, gifts, or just about anything your little heart desires!

Why is a candy cake better than a real cake? The answer is SIMPLE! A real cake will remain fresh up to 7 days while a candy cake can be enjoyed for  8 to 12 months, depending on how well you store it! With a candy cake, the recipient will have plenty of time to enjoy it's beauty and the accompanied candies/snacks.  Candy cakes also make great gifts because there is not too many people who do not like candy or snacks... yet you will find MANY who do not like cake!

How are we different from the other candy cake providers? The answer is simple! We create candy cakes from the heart and we will design it around any specific theme, whether it be Mickey Mouse, Harley Davidson, Muscle cars, or a famous celebrity! We provide the "personal" treatment that you will not find with any other candy cake providers. Simply tell us what YOU want and we will do our best to create something that will woo both you AND your recipient. We never reproduce creations (unless specifically requested) because we'"prefer" to design our candy cakes based upon the specific needs of the client. We will take your recipents favorite candy and/or snack, any small gifts you'd like to add, artificial flowers, gems and produce an "original" personalized creation just for the recipient!

Call us today and let us create magic for you as you celebrate your upcoming special occasion!

Creative Cakes & Design
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